What the Influence-ah..!

People say that Instagram, Instagrammers and influencers in general have created this picture perfect world which deteriorates the real and glamorizes the pretense. I kind of disagree. That kind of pretentious behavior had always been a part of our society. Instagram merely provided an outlet. The same way a politician cannot expand anyone's hateful ideas... Continue Reading →

Habeeby… Chapter Two

"Focus on your marriage. Not your wedding." This seems to be the motto this particular, endearing couple lives by. Through the editing process, their personalities shone through their words. While Shahid's sections had something of a calmness to it, Atika gushed like a girl head over heels in love. Having thoroughly enjoyed taking this fast-tracked... Continue Reading →

The First Of Their Name Part II: Chapter Six

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruQV1Nbh1SI&feature=youtu.be My Moon/ Lara Jennings and Andrea Amina: "It's bigger than it seems." These words are etched into my mind as I pen down this intro. It really is much bigger than I had initially thought it to be. In fact, when I attended the online launch event, I had little to less idea that... Continue Reading →

Expanding Horizons: Critical Discussions to uplift the Muslim Ummah, A Series. Topic: Racism in the Muslim Community

Introductory post on: @masterpeaceblog Contributions by: Yasmin A @masterpeaceblog Andale Seaworne @andaleseaworne Husna Ahmad Sany @walkwithme Ama Ahmad @askamna Syeda Atika Yahya @ayahya.blogspot.com Other topics covered in the series: 1. Double Standards in the Muslim Community 2. Hijab and sexual assault 3. Toxicity and negativity and how it affects the youth 4. The dangers of... Continue Reading →

The First Of Their Name Part II: Chapter Four

Desis, i.e., the South-Asian community, are famous for being thrifty. In our families and cultures, children often end up wearing well-preserved clothes of their parents, sometimes even of grandparents! While it might be weird to other cultures, if you think about it, is it not a better way to use reusable objects in a manner... Continue Reading →

The fight within, free from our bondage

Guest post by: HindAbakar For centuries females have been dehumanized, sold, killed and viewed as lesser humans in relation to men. Now women are changing the course, planting their feet firm and standing against this oppression; demanding for basic things like respect, equity and equality. Yet, over my short years I have heard women and... Continue Reading →

The First Of Their Name Part II: Chapter Three

Level 10 Muslimah Life Coaching/ Seema Umm Rayyan Website logo What is a Life Coach? A Life Coach can be classified under the wellness industry as a professional whose job is to target the unique skillsets of individuals, and use them to aid their personal, professional and overall growth and fulfillment. This job description might... Continue Reading →

The First of Their Name: Chapter Eight

Wrap It Up/ Yusra Sami Modesty is an emphasized characteristic in Islam. Although, the definition and explanation is extremely broad, detailed, and covers behavioral, external and internal aspects of a person; for most of us, trying to dress in a modest manner leads the way to other aspects of personal development. Although it does remain... Continue Reading →


This short story has two inspirations. One, is my rickshaw-wallah from my school days. Unfortunately, being a child then, I don't remember his name. All I remember is his daughter's name, Sona. Which is the name I have used in this short story. That rickshaw-uncle, as I used to call him, visited us once with... Continue Reading →

A Jar of Friendship: A story of two friends and a jar of shatkora achar

Hello folks! Keeping up with the initiative of guest blogging, here is another amazing piece from yet another wonderful and talented blogger, Shaheena Chowdhury. She is a teacher and writer who is fascinated by faluda, fuchsia blooms and the ferris wheel. She enjoys cooking and documenting about her culinary experiences. Without further ado...here's the post... Continue Reading →


A random idea transformed itself into words, culminating into this poem. What is beauty? Subjective? Maybe... So why are we then bent on labeling and tagging everything as beautiful? Can someone say 'I am not beautiful' and not receive the sympathy and the slight encouragements of 'You are beautiful...' from those around them? Can we... Continue Reading →


Smash the Patriarchy, they say. How can I? She asks. 'When my mother tells me to slather fairness creams?' Smash the Patriarchy, they repeat. 'But how?' She cries out. 'When my grandmother tells me to not question her husband?' Smash the Patriarchy, they urge. 'Tell me how?' Frustrated tears escape her eyes. 'When my sister... Continue Reading →


They will burn you.Let them.They will stand watchingFlames dancing over their twisted featuresWhile the other face feigns condemnAnd shock.They will break youBit by bitAnd grind you With the heel of their shoesInto dustInto the ground.Let them.As they stand over youLooking downGuffawing at your insignificanceTheir power surging through their veinsBulging it with every flowEvery throbLike a... Continue Reading →

About me

Hey bloggers! Allow me to take a little of your time to introduce myself a bit. I promise to not keep it long or boring (fingers crossed!). Where do I begin? Probably the year of my birth. I was born in the year 1990, in Ranchi; the capital city of the state of Jharkhand(then Bihar),... Continue Reading →

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