A random idea transformed itself into words, culminating into this poem.

What is beauty?



So why are we then bent on labeling and tagging everything as beautiful? Can someone say ‘I am not beautiful’ and not receive the sympathy and the slight encouragements of ‘You are beautiful…‘ from those around them? Can we just treat all people with normalcy? With dignity. With respect. With acceptance. Just as a fellow human.

This a short address on my part for the same.

I am not beautiful
For what is beauty
But a play of looks, sight and passion?
The ache in someone’s heart
The fire in their flesh
I am not beautiful
I am whole
I am a Soul
I am whom you could connect with
And speak
Of yourself
Your Ideas
Your Passion
Your Goal
Your Desire
And say to me
‘I am not beautiful’
‘Me too’
I shall reply
The highest form of praise
Ever given

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