Spring has arrived, and for all of us, it is different this year. While it is, usually, a time of shedding our frosty winter aura and stepping into the arms of a pleasant Nature (allergic people, I share your fate!), this year, most of us will be at home, trying to make through this pandemic. A lot of you might say that there are people who face bigger issues than being ‘stuck at home’, and I am in complete agreement with that. However, life is made up of these small joys. These, sometimes seemingly inconsequential, incidents. Walking barefoot early morning in freshly dewed grass…looking up at the clear blue sky, a light breeze caressing your face…standing beneath a blooming tree and merely gazing at the beauty…see a child squeal in delight…watching someone take that one bite after a long bout of hunger, the satisfaction and contentment making their face glow…smelling the pages of a new book…receiving a compliment from a stranger…each of these might appear too plain a thing to acknowledge. Yet, they all come together to form a necklace of cherished memories.

And so…this forms the premise of my small poem ‘Spring’. The small joy in gazing at the cherry blossoms from my window.

Cherry blossom tree as seen from my window.

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