I clutched to my mother
As fireworks exploded
I could hear her scream
Maybe that’s how I was
Brought to life
But is that fear?
That envelops my just-born self?
Why are you afraid Ma?
I am here…
Here with you…
Touch me
Feel me
Look at me once
Kiss my forehead
With those blessed lips of yours
Can you not hear?
How people are celebrating our union?
The firecrackers exploding
All around us
Something’s not right
As she pressed me unto herself
Excruciating pain
I willed it to go away
And it did
Here am I
And my mother
In gardens lush
She cradles me with joy
I gaze at her beautiful face
‘We are safe here my child…’
She whispers
‘Together, finally in Paradise…’

12th May. Kabul, Afghanistan. 10am. 13 new mothers, newborns, hospital staff and a police officer.

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