The First Of Their Name Part II: Chapter Six

My Moon/ Lara Jennings and Andrea Amina:

“It’s bigger than it seems.”

These words are etched into my mind as I pen down this intro. It really is much bigger than I had initially thought it to be. In fact, when I attended the online launch event, I had little to less idea that in whatever small a way, Allah subhanwata’la had chosen me to be a part of this revolutionizing event in the western Islamic world. There is so much I could write, but here, Lara would narrate the story of herself, her sister in Islam, Andrea, their vision come to life, MyMoon, their plans with it, and Hoda, their inspiration. May Allah Subhanwata’la bless this amazing endeavor and all those involve with it…Ameen…

About (Andrea Amina and Lara Jennings ) :

We are two revert Muslim sisters form Germany – moms and entrepreneurs. We are creating an unique and multilingual platform for Arabic and Quran. We love to introduce to the market new and unique ideas which are beneficial for our Ummah globally. We have the passion to strengthen our community with knowledge about Quran and Arabic. 

We are two power women, with strong personalities (German 😂) workaholics and close friends. Sometimes we can even read our minds without communicating and seeing us. We are soul sisters with the same dream.

Completely different but in our hearts and beliefs we are the same.

(@Andrea Thank you for being my partner. You are awesome and thank you enough for all hard and dedicated work. Alhamdullilah and all praise Allah He send me to me at the right time)


Hoda Refaat is our inspiration why we started our project MyMoon.

Today I want to say thanks to my amazing Quran teacher Hoda Refat.

Hoda and I became good friends and last Ramadan we found out that the institute she is working with is only paying her 27% of the money I paid to the institute.  I was shocked and I tried to encourage Hoda to do her own private lessons. Suddenly she said to me with a big smile: “You do that for me. I trust you.”

Honestly I didn’t understand what she wanted from me. She repeated her sentence more forcefully: “YOU do that for me!”

YES dear Hoda I DO it for you my beloved teacher, sister and mum in Islam…and now we are nearly there…  We just talked yesterday excited and happy about it. She told me Allah is using me to do some good things…I have tears in my eyes. Ya Allah I am your servant. Please accept all our efforts and intentions…Ameen.

The name (Why the name My Moon?)

MyMoon -Qamar/my moon 🌝

In Arabic, mymoon means blessed.

We all know how important a name is. MyMoon is clear in all languages and has an Arabic meaning as well. MyMoon means blessed in Arabic. Islamically, we all know the importance of the Moon (Qamar). It’s our MyMoon, the light which is showing us the path of knowledge and leading us In Sha Allah to the straight path by learning and teaching Arabic and Quran. Its your key to paradise.

Your vision

If we were to condense our vision, it could be done in the following points.

-Reconnect the Ummah with knowledge about Arabic and Quran

-Change the perception of Muslims all over the world

-Fair income for Muslims from all over the world

-Offer all in one platform

– Transparency

To elaborate further, we wish to reunite the Ummah and support the Muslim community by revolutionizing e-learning for Arabic and Quran. Give teachers and students a fair, transparent and safe platform to discover each other. As we know, it’s difficult for some people to earn a stable income. On MyMoon, teachers have the ability to upload videos, conduct group courses or one-to-one lessons. They set their own price and create their own courses. MyMoon, aims to be in five years’ time, THE platform for Arabic and Quran e-learning worldwide and multilingually adequate, In Sha Allah. To provide tools to students worldwide in finding your teacher with your availability and budget, in your language. As charity is very important for us, people also have the option to sponsor a student who can’t afford to study the Arabic or Quran. We aim to help connect the community through knowledge about the Quran, Arabic and Sadaqah (charity). Our long term goal is to change the perspective towards Muslims with a modern and advanced platform to implement fundamental knowledge about Islam by learning Quran and the understanding of it by learning Arabic.


Every endeavor has its ups and downs. The important thing is that you do not give up. Persistence is the word to success and not everything you try will work out. The Muslim Ummah needs entrepreneurs and people who can bring about progressive changes within the Ummah, no matter how small. Trust in Allah and realize your ideas. Believe in yourself and don’t get distracted by others. Your ideas can change the world.

You will face trouble. You will find people who want to stop you. Don’t stop. 

Progress up till now:

Subhan Allah…I started with my old laptop on the floor as I hadn’t a desk. Sleepless nights and dreams full of ideas. Overwhelmed with all details and tools we suddenly needed to extensively use, by the end of day our brains would be cooked. Myself and Amina, we didn’t used Social media for many years and suddenly we had to. I started with smalls posts about Arabic and as I received a lot questions whether I as a Muslim, am going to write my revert story. I did and got more attention that I ever thought. Eventually, I shared our initiative with our followers. I was scared to create a group but in the end we created a group on Facebook and we now already have over 2.2 K members. Alhamdullilah.

Mid-October we launched our website. We currently house over 70 approved and qualified teachers for Arabic and Quran.

We started to offer Free Quran and Arabic lessons (Friday’s and Mondays) and a webinar every Sunday about Quranic related topics.

We also hosted an International Quran competition with absolutely mind-blowing response. 1001 participants from 40 countries. I had tears in my eyes to see all these beautiful kids from around the globe reciting Quran and proudly displaying their essays or drawings.

We have also created a unique event. A Muslim Kids Convention which is created by kids for kids and the whole family. The event was hosted just by kids.

Additionally we had an absolutely exciting Parenting conference on 25.12-1.1.20 for FREE.

The app of our website will launching with Allah’s help soon as well.

We are full of ideas to reconnect the community which is our dream.

Make Dua for us that Allah gives much more power and inspirations…Ameen.

Advice to aspiring entrepreneurs:

Believe in yourself. Its a tough start.  If you have an idea and you think that is great, it will be great. Its all about how you sell it to people. Again, if you don’t believe in yourself and your idea and show the required passion and generosity, others won’t as well. Its a huge learning process and a life living decision. Its worthy to start with as it is in first instance, a pure self development.

We love to be entrepreneurs. Remember, you are great…so make use of your talent or skills and use them to benefit your community and humanity. Allah has given all of us so many skills and capabilities. Use it and you will see your self development with your adventure as an entrepreneur to get even closer to Allah.

We are so very grateful to Allah that He has given us this huge opportunity!

Contact info:


Facebook- MyMoon

Instagram- @mymoon_community

YouTube Channel- MyMoon.Community

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