It is ok.

It is OK to have children at an early age.
It is OK to have children at an advanced age.
It is OK to have a normal delivery.
It is OK to opt for a caesarean.
It is OK if you breastfeed.
It is OK if you formula-feed.
It is OK if you mostly prepare their food at home.
It is OK if you ease it on yourself and sometimes let them indulge in junk food.
It is OK to homeschool them.
It is OK to send them to school.
It is OK to go back to work.

It is OK to be a stay-at-home.
It is OK to shed your baby weight, maybe more , in a few months, a year, maybe two years or more.
It is OK if you carry it with yourself a lot longer.
It is OK to put your children first.
It is OK to sometimes be selfish and put yourself first.
It is OK to go on a diet.
It is OK to love your cakes and fries.
It is OK to sometimes yell at your kids.
It is OK to silently correct them.
It is OK if your child is a fast learner.
It is OK if they are slower than their peers.
It is OK if the child loves indoors better.
It is OK if the child wants to stay outdoors at all times.
It is OK if you act on somebody's advice.

It is OK if you ignore unsolicited advices.
It is OK if you research everything before implementing as a parent.
It is OK if you go by your instinct.
It is OK if you want to give your children the best.
It is OK if you say 'No' to their demands.
It is OK if you keep your house spotless.
It is OK if it turns messy.
It is all OK.

What is not OK is when you judge others solely based on your experience as a parent/caregiver.
It is not OK if you are rude or disrespectful to the people who love you truly and give sound advice because of that. Well, that is arrogance, really!
It is not OK to see yourself as the epitome of perfect parenting; judging and criticizing other parents.
It is not OK to bring down other parents just because their parenting style is different from yours.
There is no perfect way to parent and there is no perfect parent. We are all in the journey to grow. Emotionally, intellectually, spiritually. Parents need as much time to mature as children do. They grow together as each other, learning from each other. They adapt, experiment, discard and adopt. Every child is a different project; the parenting for which has to be customized as per the needs and requirements of each kid; there is no other way to put it.
So be gentle, be kind.

The lady you are grunting at in irritation because she is having difficulty in calming down her screaming child, might not have had proper sleep last night because of the very same child. And trust me, she wants the child to stop screaming much more than you do.
The man who snapped at his noisy, demanding kids at the checkout line might have lost his job and be under stress to look after his family. To feed his family.
The young mother who is struggling to change her baby's diaper in the restroom, might be working two jobs and going to night school so as to study and build a better future for themselves.
That young father who is buying everything his child asked for, might have grown parentless.
Remember, we are all humans. Imperfect, flawed humans. Every face has a story. Try to be 'a kind lady' or 'a kind gentleman' in theirs.
A helping hand. A smile. A word of encouragement. That is all it takes for them to know that someone cares. Let that someone be you.

The world is going berserk, going cahoots. Be the one to ease out the madness, not add to it.
Love Most. Judge Never.

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