I am alone…

Written on: 7th May, 2008

There was a time in my life
When they had walked with me,
step by step,
hand in hand.

never to desert me,
to be my motivation even when I lost it,
to be at my side in times of trouble,
to support me on rocky paths,
through hills,
through plains,
rejoicing with me whenever I accomplished any of my goals,
giving me strength when I lost it.

Hand in hand we walked miles together,
promising never to separate.
There were some fights,
some misunderstandings.
But in our hearts,
we always knew that we loved each other dearly.
Then suddenly,
one by one,
they started gaining their individuality,
and I,

losing mine.
We reached a small uprising of land,
with a big rock at the side of the road.
I sat on the rock,
wanting to rest down a little.
But they said,
"Now, our destination is different from yours",
And they left.
I stretched out my hand for them to grasp,
and take me with them.
And they stretched their hands,
to bid me goodbye.
I stood on the big rock,

to watch them go,
until they were small specks,
vanishing in the dark way of life.
I...standing alone on the rock.
I...standing alone...
Always alone...
Was alone...
Am alone...
Will be alone...

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