They will burn you.
Let them.
They will stand watching
Flames dancing over their twisted features
While the other face feigns condemn
And shock.
They will break you
Bit by bit
And grind you

With the heel of their shoes
Into dust
Into the ground.
Let them.
As they stand over you
Looking down
Guffawing at your insignificance
Their power surging through their veins
Bulging it with every flow
Every throb
Like a blood-thirsty beast.
Listen to it.

And water your seed.
Feed your soul.
They do not know
What they have thrown in the fire
Is not a carcass.
It is a winged creature
Of fire.
What they have sown into the soil
Is not dirt.
It is a seed.

The roots will take place
Go deep
Burst forth
Grow tall
Engulfing them unawares.
The flames will rekindle
Rush to the zenith
A canopy over their inconsequential selves.
Let them grind you to dust.
The Phoenix
Will rise from the ashes again.

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