About me

Hey bloggers!

Allow me to take a little of your time to introduce myself a bit. I promise to not keep it long or boring (fingers crossed!).

Where do I begin? Probably the year of my birth.

I was born in the year 1990, in Ranchi; the capital city of the state of Jharkhand(then Bihar), India. Initially, I was named Sana Rahman, which my parents later changed to Azra Rahman. Their reason to change the name? My mom wanted her kids to have names starting with the alphabet A, since my father’s name starts with the same. I have a younger sister and the youngest of the lot, a brother.

After completing my Xth standard from Kharagpur (a town in the state of West Bengal), from St. Agnes School, I moved to S.E. Railway school in the same town and chose Commerce stream. After XIIth standard from the latter, I shifted to Ranchi to pursue graduation from St. Xavier’s College. There, I chose English Honors to spend the forthcoming three years. Always interested in languages and literature, I found it to be my calling but did discover along the way that contrary to the popular belief system, Humanities also requires hours of hard work and labor.

Within three months of graduation in the May of 2012, I got married. And within six months of marriage, my husband and I, landed in the United States of America amidst the beautiful snow covered valley of Salt Lake City, Utah in February, year 2013.

Now, six years and two kids later (5 & 2), here I am, blogging from the comfort of my home.

What would you find on my blog? Anything ranging from poetry, to small prose, short stories, or excerpts of my experiences/thoughts. Basically anything and everything I feel would be fit to be shared on this platform. I would start with some old poetry, ones I had written when I was younger. Just a reminiscence. A fragrant fragment of the past to be cherished.

Writing to me, has been meditation. It soothes me, provides a passage for me to openly express myself, calms me amidst the chaos and rush of this world we live in. To be honest, being an ambivert, it is a huge blessing to be able to express oneself in written words. It provides an efficient outlet to the expressed and the unexpressed.

If you made it till the end, Thank You! If not, I hope to hold your attention better in the forthcoming blogs.

Here’s hoping to a great experience!


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