Movers and Shakers

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Moving on is tough. 

Nope…not talking about business of the heart, but of the house. 

If you have moved from one place to another (city, country, continent), you’d know what I am talking about. Boxes and boxes worth your life packed up to be reset in another place. It gets, even more, exhausting with kids. Now, don’t get me wrong. If your kid is an absolute angel, sitting quietly where s/he is told to, or helping you out in the best (read real) way possible; it’s a blessing. But…but…but…having kids who imagine trampolines on sofas and costumes in packing boxes can be…let’s say…challenging. Feel free to insert any adjective you’d like here. 

Having witnessed and been a part of quite a few moves myself, here’s a compressed list of to-d’os that might make your move a little bit easier. Let’s navigate through these teeny-tiny ten points together.

1. Scan your rooms 

Yes, dear! I know you have been living in this place for some time now. You know the ins and outs if your abode. Still…do take a look! Anyhow…the only trips we have made this lockdown are from our bedroom to the living room!  (Mostly…) Getting back to the point, scan your room. Notice the items accommodated in each one. What does it do? Makes a map in your mind. 

2. Rate the rooms

The ratings could be based on anything you wish to. Grade them from Easy to Hard in terms of cleaning or packing. Or Most important to Least necessary. Once you have determined the rating, start from one end of the spectrum based on your own personal preference. 

3. Be systematic

Disassemble each room in a systematic way. Start from one end instead of piling up everything in the middle and then trying to sort it all. Start slowly and thoroughly. It might look like it’s taking a lot of time, but trust me, the results will be much to your liking.

4. Tick it off!

List out your tasks. On paper. Or phone. Your pick. Tick them one by one as you complete it. Not only would it give you a set structure to ease your somewhat anxious and tired mind, it also would help you not to overlook trivial yet important jobs. Now, I know a lot of people (ahem…me…) think that they would be able to remember things as it comes along. Again, possible. But chances are that there might be things which could slip out from your mind. Why take a chance?

5. Give it up!

Give away things you don’t need to people who do. There are a lot of charities around who collect old but good-conditioned things from those who don’t need it and provide them to someone who does. Many of them also provide pick up. You just need to find one near you and make arrangements. Why not help someone while also lightening your load at the same time? Also, discard the things which would be absolutely useless for anyone. Ever heard the phrase ‘Less is More’? Well…in this case, it sure is!

6. Box ‘em up! 

While going through each room, continue to pack up what you intend to take with you. Keep them in an accessible corner so that you do not have to sweat more than you already are, with the loading. The symmetry of neatly stacked boxes is sure to act as a coolant to your hyped-up nerves. Also, it looks like a giant Lego structure coming together, which is another level of satisfaction! Hey…you know if you know…

7. Label 

Take a leaf out of Monica’s book and whip out that label maker. Label every box as to where they are supposed to go when you reach your new cave. Kitchen, dining, living, bedroom, attic. List out what you’re putting in each container and keep that list where you can easily access it. Ever had to open five boxes just to find out that one cup you were looking for? No? I hope you never do!

Muscle Men Movers

8. Get professional

There are plenty of professional movers out there who would not only transport your household but also pack it all up for you. It’s exhausting in every aspect to make the shift…help yourself by hiring people who are a pro in this taxing endeavor. If you looking for someone in the area, a company to call is Muscle Men Movers! They are a highly experienced company to help you with moving, packing, and assisting your move with ease. This labor moving company are in the Ogden area of Utah and willing to take your call if you need help! 

9. Do not refuse help 

A neighbor offering to bring you food? 

Thank them with all your heart! 

A colleague offered to cover your shift? 

Get that person a gift! 

A friend offering to watch your kid/s for as long as is required?

Hell yeah! Take them for shopping and then lunch.

Accepting any help that comes your way is highly recommended. It takes your mind off of one aspect, in turn, helping you focus better on the task at hand.

10. Relax! 

Most importantly…. relax! Just breathe…regulate the adrenaline coursing through your body. One step at a time, one breath at a time. It will be fine. Hire people to clean or move if it gets too much for you to handle all by yourself. Take a break… on the soon-to-be-shifted-couch or order from your favorite food joint or simply chill out on your steps…just don’t ignore the need to take care of yourself through it all.

Shifting is a huge decision and task. Whether it’s from one house to the other, one city to the other, to another country or maybe to another continent. It takes effort, planning, and careful regulation of your finances to make it the least exertive act as it could be made. Even after careful execution, it is normal to feel burnt out, exhausted, and completely drained. However, take it as another leaf added to your already interesting journal of memories and experiences. Besides, I am told that the older one gets, the more frequent use of ‘I remember when I…’ comes into play. So…you never know…this part of your experience might be effectually passed on to your children, young nieces, and nephews, or even your grandkids or those young folk from down the block on a cold winter evening, a cup of warm cocoa in your hand. After all…what else do we really possess except our experiences?

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