The First Of Their Name Part II: Chapter Three

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What is a Life Coach?

A Life Coach can be classified under the wellness industry as a professional whose job is to target the unique skillsets of individuals, and use them to aid their personal, professional and overall growth and fulfillment. This job description might sound simple and quite straightforward, but there are layers under which make this a tricky one. In an age of self-proclaimed gurus, some are making the time and effort to gain that qualification which would enable them to actively help those who would be in need of it. Seema is one such multi-talented person. In addition to holding those warm introductions of being a daughter, sister, wife and mother; she is extending the same warmth and expertise to women, helping them reach their hidden potential. Truly, a gifted individual, here’s Seema narrating about this vision of hers.

Seema Umm Rayyan

About Seema:

As Salaamu ‘Alaikum Wa Rahmathullahi Wa Barakatuhu…

I am Seema Umm Rayyan

I am an Indian settled in the United Arab Emirates, with my husband and two teenagers. I have varied interests and a zest for life and learning. I consider every experience as a lesson and a reminder to return to Allah.  

I am a certified professional life coach and founder of the ‘Level 10 Muslimah Life Coaching’. I also host the Nafs Connection Podcast, where I share my thoughts and reflections on the human psychological and spiritual experience of life from an Islamic perspective, as well as have conversations with my muslimah sisters about their spiritual journey stories. 

The premise of my coaching practice is Islamic Personality Development hence I go by the title and theme of Nafs Connection for the program I run as well as my podcast and my community focused channel and group on telegram. Apart from that I offer one on one coaching customized to the needs of my clients in however they want to use my service and time Alhamdulillah.

I have an education in psychology from both the Islamic and secular perspectives with an accompanying diploma in multimedia and graphic design. 

I established my coaching practice in 2016 Alhamdulillah, prior to that I worked as a volunteer Islamic Counselor for an online organization, along with my own community service program that offered free Islamic counseling services to Muslim women. Unfortunately, this program had to be closed due to unforeseen circumstances, but I still offer free coaching to deserving sisters whenever possible Alhamdulillah. 

Inspiration behind the name:

The name ‘Level 10 Muslimah’ was inspired by the concept of the ‘Level 10 Life’– a term coined by Hal Elrod in his book Miracle Morning. I started out by applying this concept for my own personal and spiritual goals. As I kept evolving in self-awareness, I extended this concept into the vision I had for my client; that of being a Level 10 Muslimah, which begins with self-reflection, taking a journey of self-discovery and self-awareness, resulting in resilience and contentment.

Nafs podcast, hosted by Seema.

Mission and Vision:

My mission is to create a safe space for my clients to discover their true purpose in life, walking with them hand in hand, supporting them through the struggles of their Nafs, while pointing them in the direction of  possibility, balance and growth. 

My vision is to see empowered, self-aware Muslim women and youth who have a deep connection with Allah, who are able to identify potential roadblocks inhibiting their growth, generating awareness of the state of their Eeman and taking inspired action, in an ongoing quest of building a better relationship with Allah, themselves and the people in their lives In Shaa Allah. 

Ethical business:

As a Muslimah and an entrepreneur, working with integrity and ethics are my core principle values. As Muslims, it is obligatory upon us to have the taqwa of Allah and accountability with Him. The consciousness of Allah needs to extend to everything that we do in our lives, in every deed and every action that we take. Especially as an entrepreneur, we must take the effort to learn and understand what Islam says about running a business, the nitty-gritties, and the nuances and follow the best practices according to the Quran and Sunnah. 

Being conscious that all rizq comes from Allah, doing my job with the best intentions, to the best of my ability in whatever capacity I am able to,  expecting the outcome only from Him, this has been revolutionary in my growth, not just as a business person, but also as a human being Alhamdulillah.  

Challenges faced:

My biggest challenges were; one, learning the various aspects of running a business and two, seeing myself as a business person. I always knew I was meant to do something with my life, but I didn’t know what. After a couple of detours, I was brought to the profession of life coaching by the will of Allah. I see my entire journey as a testament to Allah’s plans unfolding to put me where I am today, and I didn’t always see it this way SubhanAllah. 

With absolutely no prior experience whatsoever, I jumped into running a business heads on and learned everything I know today along the way. I am still learning and growing every single day with newer insights in what Allah keeps revealing to me Alhamdulillah. As far as seeing myself as a business person goes, I was terrible at calling myself one, and when I did muster up the courage to do that, I had a tough time believing I was one. Alhamdulillah, apart from family, the company you keep is so important, being around certain exceptional sisters who believed in me and saw the potential in me when I couldn’t see it within myself really helped me scale up to where I am now. 

Good companions are truly a gift from Allah Alhamdulillah.

Overcoming them:

My challenges had been mostly around my own thinking around how I was perceiving myself and the lack of skills to be a business owner. What I have learned is that technical and business skills can be learned and developed, you just need to be diligent with it. But, it took a few ongoing insights for me to get past the limiting thoughts around self doubts that I had imposed on myself, getting coached and deep diving within myself really supported me in generating awareness of who I was, plus I don’t really like to quit, so I just kept moving forward with the aid of du’aas and Istekhara’s Alhamdulillah. 

Message to aspiring entrepreneurs:

Make Istekhara your best friend along your journey, keep making abundant du’aas for Allah to make it easy for you and grant you success in your ventures, always come back and check in with why you are doing this. Always renew your intentions for the sake of Allah, you will find abundant barakah through this one action In Shaa Allah. Trust your intuition, listen to it and go for it and don’t hesitate to step away from it if need be, you are a business person as soon as you decide you are one, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 

Contact info:

You can connect with me via my website and social media channels


Facebook: Level 10 Muslimah

Instagram: @coachseema.ummrayyan

Telegram: Nafs Connection Community

(The Telegram Channel is new, kindly wait for us to get the ball rolling out there In Shaa Allah.)

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