Dear Parents…

Guest Post by Iram…

I came across Iram when I posted on a blogger’s group, seeking guest blogging collaborations. She was among the firsts to respond and the ones who have stayed consistent. I was blown away by her articulate speech and her clear thought process as well as her enthusiasm in speaking up for causes which are the closest to her heart. As has been with my previous guest bloggers, this is a voice which I only feel honored to share.

I hope the wisdom behind her words reaches you, as it did me.

“Dear thoughtful veteran parent,

When you see a mother struggling, emotionally, mentally, physically or having a meltdown; help her out by:

1: Either stepping up to take care of her quietly


2: Leaving the vicinity so that she has some privacy to gain back her composure

Not every situation can become an advice running opportunity.
Be preceptive of the situation.
Mothers need compassion from people around them. Specially the first time mothers.
She can be a first time mom in her teens, twenties, thirties or even forties. Treat her with kindness, because the kindness you lend her…will be put forward towards tending the child.

A healthy mother or father equals to a safe space for the child.
Now the same advice is applicable for any child, whether a baby, toddler, older or adolescence.

A fussy child, young or older does not have the mental presence of listening to advice then and there. They need time to calm down and settle their emotions. Do not rush to yell or punish them. Majority of the times, children lash out due to fear or anxiety of how a parent might react, overthinking the situation. This is specially true in the case of teens.

So the next time a child is acting up, look at them closely, think of the outcome of your behavior and then proceed to a corrective action.

We are overwhelmed beings required to act upon mercy poured in our hearts by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’la.

Let’s be intentionally kind human beings, towards ourselves, each other and our children.
Remember…a happy parent equals to a happy childhood!

The other day I was thinking of an old song, I was taught in my Catholic Anglo-Indian school. It went something like this:

When I was a little child…

I asked my mother…

What will I be…

Will I be pretty will I be rich ..

Here’s what she said to me

Que sera sera

Whatever will be will be

The future’s not ours to see

However today I would change the lyrics and sing:

Que sera sera

May your heart be strong and kind plenty!

For that’s what the world will remember about thee!

Be kind dear soul.. be kind!”
#Parentinguncomplicated #irambintsafia

Irambintsafia talks about her life as a Muslim woman, understating her identity, role as a person of faith , homemaker, homeschooler, social media personality and a writer. She is passionate about education and raising a generation of critical thinkers.

In her own words:

“I am passionate about education, learning and raising good Muslim American citizens.My channel is about parenting tips and tricks for immigrant parents like myself, learning to raise first generation Americans of Immigrant parents.”

Follow her on her social media accounts and subscribe to her YouTube channel.





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