The First Of Their Name: Chapter Two

Asma Hassan/ Hasana Quran

Enrolling my kid in Asma’s class for Quran lessons, was one of the best decisions we have taken as parents. The little one absolutely adores her teacher and is always excited to meet her even when we have shifted to virtual classes. Asma’s encouraging and nurturing nature can be easily seen in her interactions with her students. Needless to say, she has been bestowed a gift of knowledge which is being used effectively by her to ignite young minds and gently guide them towards the treasure of beneficial knowledge.

Asma Hassan- Teacher and founder of Hasana Quran

About Asma

Asma is a Quran teacher and founder of Hasana Quran. She specializes in teaching Beginning Quran courses to those starting their Quranic journey. She has taken courses in tajweed, memorization, and recitation. Asma has an M.Ed. in Special Education and a B.S. Psychology from the University of Utah. She currently works as a Program Manager for the Utah Reads program, Bennion Center. She also serves as staff advisor for MSA and treasurer for Black Faculty and Staff Association (BFSA). 


Asma is passionate about literacy access and student leadership development in Higher Ed. She leads the Utah Reads program, a literacy program, where college students are trained in a reading intervention, and work with Title I schools in Salt Lake. She works with a team of nine student leaders in her program and enjoys mentoring the college students she works with.

Hasana Logo

Vision for Hasana, LLC

” ‘Surely, good deeds erase bad deeds (11:114).’

This is one of my favorite ayahs in the Quran.

Hasana – meaning a good deed, (and what better way to gain good deeds than through reading the Quran?) is an educational mentoring service. I founded Hasana because I noticed a lack of consistent, targeted Quran classes for girls and women in my local community. Through local, hands-on classes, Hasana aims to serve the community by:

‘Building character, confidence, and community through the Quran’.

What does Hasana mean?

“The name Hasana came from my favorite Quran verse from Surah Hud. The name to me, means hope, that no matter what your background is, it is never too late to start and continue your Quran journey.”

Asma designs fun-filled classes for kids which are quite effective. She prints and laminates Arabic alphabets and words for her students. The flash cards are a favorite among her little students as they learn through play.

Challenges faced

“I have been teaching the Quran for about four years now. My main challenge now is looking at how I can grow my programming to serve more students. Up until now, my students have been local in Utah, which has been great, and with minimal marketing, I have been able to reach enough students locally. Despite general challenges in our community around support for community organizations, I have been fortunate to have great students.”

“I have genuinely found that a lot of parents I work with want the best Quran education for their children, and they are willing to invest in it. It has been wonderful working with my students’ families, who really care about their child’s progress and work hard to ensure they complete their work outside of class. Those students of mine make the most progress.”

Message to aspiring entrepreneurs 

“My advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to just get started! Find a need in your community, and using your unique skills and passion, focus on improving that need. Reach out to a local business owner in your field and see if you can interview them and help them with a project of theirs. That step really helped me in navigating the business-heavy steps when I was starting out.”

Where can people contact you?

If you would like to stay updated on new Hasana Quran programming, you can follow me at @hasanaquran on Instagram.

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