The First Of Their Name Part II: Chapter Five

Who doesn’t like cake?

Silly question, is it?

Just kidding!

For people who do not like cake, there is always another version to try. Don’t like regular cake, try cheesecake. Or a cookie cake. How about a brownie cake? Pavlova? Ice cream cake? Almond, chiffon, fruit, glazed…name it and the cake shall be yours.

While the product is something which has evolved over ages, currently converting itself into a billion dollar industry, there always are people for whom this process is more than just its end product. The young entrepreneur to feature on this chapter is one such individual.

While her and I share the same hometown, alma-mater and a few common contacts (courtesy of being from a small town), it wasn’t until she launched her baking business on Facebook, that I noticed her and the talent she possessed. Needless to say, I was impressed by her skills, especially because of her being so young. It has been a delight to get to know her and her story.

Here’s to you Marina…may your Little Cake Fairy ever grow, determined and passionate as you are.

And may I finally get to taste the product of your labor.

Little Cake Fairy/Marina Marion

Marina Marion- The owner and founder of Little Cake Fairy


I am Marina Marion. I am the owner and founder of Little Cake Fairy. Never did I think, I would be able to pull off such a thing. At the age of 16 (when I was in Class 10), I lost my father and things drastically changed for me. Life is very uncertain. From a family of 4 member, we became 3. I had to take up my father’s job . That’s when I realized that life would never be the same again. I started working at the age of 19 in a place where I felt I didn’t belong. I always wanted to do something on my own.

Something that would be just mine!

That’s when baking happened.

I could see my whole life changing in the blink of an eye. Amidst all the chaos, I found my love for baking and that has made all the difference!
It was on my mother’s birthday that I baked for the first time. I just wanted to do something special for her. It was then that I found baking interesting. I wanted to learn more about it. Tried out many recipes from YouTube and it was much appreciated by everyone. I devoted my time and energy into this. I loved what I had discovered.

After a full day’s work , I used to come home and bake! Nothing could stop me. I took training, learnt more about it, experimented, failed, tried again till I got it perfect. Told my family that I wanted to do something in this field. I feel the love I have for baking is beyond words. It like, I can do it over and over again.

Then, I did not know what I was working towards. I did it because it made me happy. Gradually seeing LCF grow, I thought of various ways of establishing myself. Gradually I started taking orders. It started from 1 order in a week to 3-4 orders in a day. What a journey it has been!

I did not really have any plans in the beginning as I as was skeptic but gradually the growth of my little business made me believe in myself. I want to take Little Cake Fairy to grow into a franchise with outlets in many places.

It wasn’t easily for me to come this long. I have sacrificed my sleep, energy and everything I had into this little business of mine. Worked tirelessly to complete all the orders. There were a lot of hurdles on the way. Belonging from a small town where you don’t get enough quality supplies for bakery was one of them. I had to, and still, take the trouble to get all good quality products from a nearby city on a regular basis. Balancing my regular job and my home bakery is stressful. Seeing many new home bakers emerging and stealing your ideas was always the most annoying one for me!

Regardless of everything, my Little Cake Fairy has come a long long way. Consistency and loyalty never goes unnoticed. For all those who have dreams, just strive for it Things will automatically fall in place if you only want it. Hard work has no replacement. It is extremely important to find out your passion and definitely work on it. Now I even conduct classes to teach what I’ve learnt. Passion can lead you anywhere. But there may be times when things might go the other way. Patience and perseverance is the key.

With this same passion and drive, someday, I shall own a café and make my dream come true !

Contact info:

Orders can be placed via Facebook- Little Cake Fairy

or Instagram- @little_cakefairy

Please note, currently the orders undertaken are local to KGP, West Bengal, India.

Thank you!

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