Smash the Patriarchy,
they say.
How can I?
She asks.
'When my mother tells me
to slather fairness creams?'
Smash the Patriarchy,
they repeat.
'But how?'
She cries out.
'When my grandmother tells me to not question her husband?'
Smash the Patriarchy,
they urge.
'Tell me how?'
Frustrated tears escape her eyes.
'When my sister teases me for lack of male attention.'
Smash the Patriarchy,
they insist.
'What should I do?'
She rubs her eyes to stop the flow.
'When my friend refuses to stand by me in reporting harassment.'
Smash the Patriarchy,
they order.
She sobs and whispers.
'I can't.'
'When I think this is all alright.'

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