Guest Blog: Song of the Soul

Poems by Sabrina

I came across Sabrina on a session of Qur’an and Coffee, where we meet (virtually, since lockdown) and discuss various aspects of our Faith. She mentioned her love for poetry and as usual, I jumped up at the opportunity, requesting her to provide me some of her poems for my blog. Very graciously, she conceded my request. The result are the two poems below, each with its own unique story.

About the poet:

In her own words:

Sabrina: The face behind these words

“My name is Sabrina. I’ve loved poetry ever since I was little. Something about how the words would sound when you put them together. There is something so indescribable about the beauty of poetry for me, and it’s one of the few ways I can express myself, my thoughts, my emotions.

Needless to say, I love listening to the lyrics of others. I also like to learn anything, whatever I can. Writing this it occurs to me that my life is words. I love to know the stories and inspiration behind why things were written or created. My poetry tends to be more focused on the Divine and my love for and of the Divine.”


“This poem was actually written the day before I took my Shahada. I could not wait. I was listening to Sami Yusuf’s ‘Wherever you are’ when a certain lyric struck me very deeply: ‘In each smile, in every single sigh, every minute detail…traces of you are found there…along with the constant searching and yearning to be with the Beloved…’

That really struck me and I had to pen this poem down.”


How can I describe my love for you?
I seek your eyes in every face
Your voice in every kind word
And when the rain falls singing for the love of you
I too, sing and I too, cry
Oh, my Love, how long must I seek you?
You call to me in whispers and I run
Your smile beckons in every ray of light, and I run
The birds sing of your mercy, and I run
The flowers joy in your love, and I run
Oh, Beloved one, what is this game of hide-and-seek?
All around me traces of your presence
And I still run
My soul cries out for your touch
You are just beyond my reach
Always hopeful
Always yearning, I run

“This next one was inspired while I was in sajdah. I just felt so close to my Allah and I didn’t want to leave. All I could do was cry and yearn. And I wanted to capture that feeling somehow. How can you describe something so monumental and so gentle? I’m not sure it can truly be done. There was also the feeling that this closeness and these tears could majorly transform my life.”


Just one more breath, my Love
One more sigh
One more moment that goes on and on and on...
The fire is kindled and the rose has begun to bloom
Unfold one petal more
See what is at the heart of me
Burnish me in the flames
Consume me with your love
Tears fall----the fire blazes
Unfold one petal more

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