I stumble ahead
in the blackness.
Dark, dark, dark
devoid of light.
Reaching out,
my stretched hands
grasp the void.
No hands can see
nor vision feel
what lies ahead
or below
or behind.
Feet crunch on something.
Is it pebbles?
Sticks or bones?
Is it the end lighting up ahead?
Or my own hopes
shimmering one last time
before they are dead?
Dead you say?
But how can they be?
While I am alive
and strive
to forge the bloodied road ahead.
Alive like me.
Me who staggers blindly
in the piercing darkness.
Her only staff
Faith Unseen.
I fall hard
and bleed.
Claw forward.
break myself.
Yet, somehow
The vacuum never ends
but it will
one day.
That day
I shall stand
at the end
or the beginning
and light the way
for those who follow
so that they do not have to claw through.
Weak maybe,
but a twinkling light
to guide the new
the scared
the confused
the unsure
the reluctant
until they reach where I
would be stood.
but victorious.
Fixing the beacon firm
then I would walk ahead
leaving behind
a little sparkle
of the throbbing flame.
Or Love.
Or Faith
To continue
till a stronger one comes
to kindle it into a blaze.
When I leave,
it would be my warmth.
Where I leave for,
would be where I'd be warm
and loved
and integrated
at peace
as never before.
Yet the illuminated tunnel behind
will have been
the destined door. 

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